Regrowing Your Produce! (Free & Easy)

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Did you know you could regrow a lot of the items that you usually toss? I’ve been regrowing my produce for a month or so and it really works! It definitely doesn’t produce another enormous head of celery or huge bunch of Romaine lettuce, but it’s more than you’d get if you had just thrown the ends away.

It’s really quite simple. First, you’ll need the end of a vegetable. What’s worked the best for me are: celery, cabbage, romaine lettuce, and green onions. Some veggies will not regrow themselves. For instance, carrots will grow some more green, but it won’t produce another carrot. And if you try it with a tomato, you’ll probably get some nice mushy mold. Pineapples also work great, if you’re in a good climate. Before you toss the end of your celery/lettuce/etc., save it and put it in a mug, or container of hot water (like pictured above). Place it in a sunny window. I change the water every few days to keep it fresh.

You may see some growth within a few days! I have Romaine that has been in there for weeks…and it has nothing. I have another that is 2 days old and already has some growth! I don’t know what the trick is, but give it a try a few times before you give up. You’ll notice new sprouts coming up… and maybe even some roots!

You can take these little, new plants and plant them in dirt, or you can continue to grow them in water, in a sunny place. I have a celery and cabbage plant that are doing very well in pots right now (Update: see below!)!

See -it’s very easy, and very fun! You won’t get a feast, of course, but you’ll get enough lettuce to top your taco or some celery for soup. The best part though, is that it’s free! Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you!

UPDATE: 6/13/2012
These guys have been growing for over a month! I’m so proud of them 🙂 Cabbage on the left and celery on the right.

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